In addition to her therapeutic endeavors, Kathleen is much in demand as a presenter. She is available to present to a variety of audiences, including small-large parent groups, panel discussions, and workshops for professional development.

Her exuberant and enthusiastic presentation style comes from her deep commitment to children, adults and their families. Her family’s “pass-it-along” philosophy carries the momentum of her message, including the importance of:

  • Development of executive function skills, i.e. self-regulation, meta-cognition, critical thinking, inference and perspective-taking in literacy development
  • Communication and relationships
  • Encouraging reciprocal connections
  • Support and inter-professional collaboration around issues and challenges

Comments have included:

  • “What doesn’t Kathleen talk about?!”
  • “Kathleen comes up with her own language!”
  • “We refer to our times with her as ‘the Kathleen Fix’!”
  • “Ah-ha moments!”

Topics have included: 

  • Language Links to Literacy
  • Language, Play, and Music for Literacy…and Life
  • Empathy – Key to Connection-Making in Interactions
  • Learning to Talk → Talking to Learn
  • Learning to Read → Reading to Learn
  • Learning to Play → Playing to Learn
  • Cross-Discipline Approaches to the WHOLE Child

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